The Ps3 Games Mystery

ws Available: The PS3 game console will be launched simultaneously worldwide in November 2006. But despite the massive global launch plan for the PS3 game console, there are doubts about its impact on the market. Moreover, game analysts suspect that this global launch may help Sony regain the market lost due to Microsoft’s previous launch of the Xbox 360. There is also a lot of speculation as to why the new PS3 release was delayed.

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Although Sony claims the delays were due to DRM or DRM issues, many analysts believe otherwise. Analysts are raising more urgent issues as reasons for the delay in launching the PS3 game console. Eiichi Katayama, an analyst at Nomura Securities Financial and Economic Research, in Tokyo, points out that the delay is likely due to slow progress in graphics chip development. Others provide reasons such as insufficient software titles. However, Sony is quick to dismiss the rumors and repeat the DRM issue for the Blu-ray optical drive again.

Blu-ray chips for the new console provide PS3 removable storage five times more than DVD storage from old consoles. Reports that the PS3’s DRM and Blu-ray features are nearing completion make them unlikely reasons for lag. According to Katayama, it has already begun to trademark ROM and license BD +, which makes copy protection technology an unreasonable reason. Analysts believe that if DRM technology really causes lag, the PS3 game console’s earnings won’t suffer much. However, if the reasons are what you think (graphics chip development), the sales impact is likely to be the worst in Sony’s history.

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