Rugs Are So Expensive

There’s nothing like the “Oriental Rugs For Sale” sign to speed up carpet sales. And not just for your handcrafted oriental rugs, but also for the rest of your rug merchandise. Have you ever wondered why oriental rugs on sale attract such an enthusiastic crowd? If you’ve never been to buy oriental rugs, we’ll answer this question for you.

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It is because oriental rugs are expensive. But what makes them so expensive? In this article, we explore what factors make up the value of an oriental rug and answer some of the hottest questions on the web about oriental rugs. So keep reading!

What are oriental rugs?
When accurately described, oriental rugs are hand-knotted rugs exclusively in Asia. This includes the largest exporters of oriental rugs in the region, such as Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Tibet, Iran and Nepal. The quality of material and craftsmanship in oriental rugs is not uniform and differs greatly. Woven from a variety of materials such as wool, silk, and cotton, hand-knotted oriental rugs come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. Understandably, you follow the price tag. However, when it comes to pricing, the oriental rugs for sale are also a bit more expensive than other categories of rugs. Most people looking to buy oriental rugs in the United States believe that they can identify an oriental rug by its design. This is a myth! Design is just one of the determining factors that make up an oriental rug. The construction (especially the type of knotting), origin, and weaving techniques are factors that really help determine the authenticity of an oriental rug. In that sense, the type of loom used is another indication of an authentic oriental rug. Weavers use the horizontal loom for tribal designs on flat fabrics such as Kilim, Dhurrie, and Soumak. However, most weavers use the vertical loom for hand-knotted oriental rugs with Senneh or Ghourides knots.
Why are oriental rugs expensive?
When shopping for oriental rugs online, be sure to buy them from reputable and authorized retailers such as RugKnots or Rugs USA. These rugs are expensive, so take no chances with your purchase. Additionally, RugKnots has an exclusive collection of handcrafted oriental rugs for sale. You can order oriental rugs now and get the best discounts! As for why these rugs are so expensive, let’s find out!

1. The condition versus the age factor
The value of oriental rugs depends on their condition and age. Antique oriental rugs in all their unflappable splendor are a rare sight. Consequently, the parts that exist cost you a lot of money. However, here is the good news: Oriental rugs are not a purchase, but an investment. These rugs are appreciated over time. The age factor vs. Condition is the first rule that comes into play in determining the true value of oriental rugs. Insurance companies and other appraisers hold this in high regard when evaluating an antique oriental piece. Consequently, the older the carpet, the more expensive it will be. Carpets in need of restoration and repair are an exception as they are not in good condition. So if you have authentic hand-knotted oriental rugs in your home, take care of them!
2. Place of origin
The place of origin of a hand-knotted oriental rug plays an important role in determining its true value. Therefore, if you buy oriental rugs online, make sure you know where the rug was made. Weaving techniques and workmanship differ from country to country. Therefore, the cost of oriental rugs varies greatly depending on the country of origin. For example, the Turkish village of Usak in central Anatolia has been weaving Usak rugs for hundreds of years. As a result, these rugs are in high demand and are relatively more expensive than other oriental rugs. As these rugs age, they will become more valuable to rug enthusiasts and collectors. Another deciding factor is the cost of labor. Again, we will give you an example. Working in Pakistan is much cheaper than in Turkey. As a result, Pakistani oriental rugs are more affordable, yet offer the same quality and beauty as Turkish oriental rugs. Order oriental rugs online at RugKnots and buy Pakistani oriental rugs on sale!

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