How You Can Play Nice

Some tips for playing etiquette

No, Miss Manners is not rescuing you, nor is Polly Polly calling you. We just know how easy it is to get frustrated or even angry while playing a difficult game, but if we’re not careful, that anger and frustration can lead to unpleasant moments during a time that should be fun. The following is offered in an effort to keep everything fun and entertaining during a group play session.

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1. Let’s encourage each other. Even if you are competing with each other in a boxing match or car race, take some time to congratulate another player for making a smooth or cunning move. Kisses aren’t necessary, but when the tension is high and the desire to impress is high, you can help relieve stress simply by throwing a few compliments here and there.

2. Be patient. Your playmates may not be as fast, coordinated, or smart as you are. So when you notice your pace of play slowing down, don’t criticize it. You can silently plan your next move, or you can offer to help if you notice your friends seem lost. This will encourage cooperation and you will relive some of the stress that comes from playing a difficult game.

3. Take breaks. Allow your group to find the appropriate places in a game to take a break, take advantage of it and get up to stretch, eat, use the toilet, talk about school, or watch some silly commercials on TV. A long period of play is exhausting and stressful at the same time.

4. Play an inclusive game. With this we want to make efforts to ensure that all members of the group contribute to the completion of the game. You never want another person to feel left out or just hanging around filling the space. Create opportunities for all involved to participate and help play.

5. Listen to others. You may think you know all the answers about a game or game system, but listen to what other group members have to say. You may learn something new.

6. Invite the “weird guy”. This little piece of advice, of course, comes after the horrific Virginia Tech massacre. Reports circulating about this event indicate that the young man responsible was a loner and also a victim of bullying in his teens. Sometimes all it takes to prevent this type of situation is a simple effort to get close to someone. We are not suggesting that an invitation to a video game party would have saved the lives of more than 33 college students, but we are suggesting that making an effort to make others feel welcome and loved is a big step towards eliminating the isolation you feel. knows what causes them. kinds of senseless acts.

7. Promise to keep the level of voice and swearing to a minimum. It’s almost obvious, but to avoid arguments, agree in advance not to overstep the line when it comes to discussing a particular strategy or selecting a game to play. Some of the more serious fights come from the silliest topics. But you can prevent an outbreak within your group by simply keeping a calm calm throughout the session.

Now you go? Not a bad list. All of the things we suggest are certainly “doable” and really work to create a calm and pleasant environment.

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